Saturday, December 29, 2012

Okay, So I'm a Hypocrite!

Yep, I'll admit it. It turns out I'm a total hypocrite. I complain endlessly about how there is no chivalry, how men and women no longer have defined roles. Tonight, I went to the grocery store, and was standing in line to check out when an older gentleman complained about the young girls outside gathering the carts from the parking lot. He said it wasn't safe with all the weirdos. Without a second thought I blurted out "I can't believe you actually just said that. Don't you think we women can take care of ourselves in this day and age." The moment it escaped my lips, I realized I had become part of the problem.

How can I, a self professed traditional housewife, declare chivalry is dead when I single-handedly shot it dead in one grocery trip? That man was doing exactly what those of us with old fashioned values crave, yet I very vocally stopped him in his tracks. Now, I wasn't rude about it; I was smiling and joking with him, but you could tell by his body language I had made him uncomfortable. So, how do we break ourselves of these "worldly" and "feminist" thoughts when it's been drilled so hard into our heads?

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