Monday, June 30, 2014

A Society Lacking Respect, Class, and Education...oh wait, that's the whole world!

This is going to be one of those posts that might just be all over the place. I'm angry and frustrated, which of course, tends to reflect in my writing.

The Supreme Court handed down their decision on Hobby Lobby. They agree that forcing them to provide something that is against their religion is unconstitutional. Oh, I can hear all of you wannabe feminists screaming at the computer now. Stop and listen!

Hobby Lobby is NOT refusing to pay for contraceptives. I repeat, they ARE NOT REFUSING TO PAY FOR CONTRACEPTIVES! What they refuse to pay for are the four drugs known as abortion pills. Some are saying this is a slap in the face of women. How? Since when is it anyone else's responsibility to pay for your personal choices? They're already paying for your birth control, so why should they have to pay for something that completely goes against their belief system? Would you sue a Halal because they refused to sell you pork? NO! It's against their religious beliefs. And guess is your basic human necessity, not sex, not birth control pills, and definitely not a pill which causes your body to abort your baby. You have the right to buy it, but you do not have the right to force someone else to buy it for you.

I've heard over and over again from wannabe feminists "Stay out of my bedroom" or "Stay away from my ovaries". Guess what? When you demand I pay for your birth control you just invited me into your bedroom. So, now your business is my business.

Now, remember how I told you this was going to be all over the place????

A user on Twitter tweeted "Maybe all women should organize a safe-sex f*ck-in at every Hobby Lobby. In the glitter aisle. JUST A THOUGHT." Wait...what? Are you serious with this? Yeah, cuz no skeezy low-life males will not only volunteer, but stand by and watch! And how the hell does their religious beliefs have anything to do with your voyeuristic tendencies. And while we're on the subject, WHERE IS YOUR CLASS?

Ladies, this is not the kind of crap our foremothers fought for! They fought for us to be treated equally, to have the opportunity to not only get a proper education but to find a good job. Not once did Susan B Anthony or Elizabeth Cady Stanton demand someone else pay for our birth control. You want equal? Do you ever hear a man demand someone else pay for their condoms? Yeah, I know, some women take BC for medical reasons, but most do not. AND, with the exception of rape, how is an abortion pill a medical necessity?

And more with the rambling topics:

I am so sick and tired of seeing massive cleavage and butt cracks, then hear women complain about men staring at their breasts. Ladies, I'm a straight female and I can't help but get distracted when they're right there in my face. And as far as those butt cracks....98% of you do NOT have a butt fit for viewing by the public! And even the ones who are "thin" or "attractive"...I STILL don't want to see your butt, especially when I'm sitting down to eat! COVER YOURSELF!!!

"Women don't ask to be raped!" You're right, they don't. However, there are some extremely sick individuals in this world. When these depraved people are presented with an "easy target" (easy to eliminate clothing, dark alley, distracted with your head down and eyes on your phone) they are going to jump on that. They're sick. They are bad. And they won't stop raping and hurting women because a woman wore pasties over her nipples in public with "Still not asking for it" painted across her naked torso. Nope. All that did is give weirdoes fodder for their fantasies when they got home that day.

Yep, this post is SOOOO going to enrage some people, mainly women, but if you actually read it, then think about it, I HOPE you'll see why I'm so angry. Why I have such a hard time being on social media. Why I have such a hard time watching the news, reading news stories, and ESPECIALLY comments from anonymous people!

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