Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Can We Please Step Back In Time?

No, I don't mean to a time of complete inequality, but can we at least go back to a time when we dressed with modesty and self-respect. When our families meant more to us than our careers? When we, as housewives, were revered for our selfless lives?

Women dressed with class and respect!

Seriously, ladies! Can we stop with the freaking low rise pants now?

I've been a housewife for about six years now. Originally, I fought it, even starting a housekeeping company. I cleaned when the kids were in school, so I was still home when they got there. But I was neglecting my own home. Since I've - we've - made the decision for me to be a housewife/stay at home mom our family is happier. The house is clean and sanitary (we never get sick), clothes are always freshly washed, folded and put away, and there is a home-cooked meal on the table every night. Oh no, I don't just open a box of Hamburger Helper and mix in some browned ground beef. I mean FROM SCRATCH! I've even dabbled with making my own bread.
Why yes, I DID look that cute while making it! lol

I've always had a love of things vintage, but I'm beginning to wonder how much of that stems for a time long past, a time that made more sense. When I see news stories about kids stabbing each other to earn favor from some computer game character all I can think is "Where were the parents?". I know where my kids are all at times, and who they're with. Seriously. You tell me you're going to be over here, you better expect me to pop over there at any time. I've done it and they know I'll do it again. I'm teaching my kids accountability and responsibility. I even have them do this really strange thing when the weather's nice.... GO OUTSIDE! My kids look so much like I did at their ages - bruises, scrapes, and rashes from rolling down the grassy hills. We all play out there, they help me in the veggie garden, the boys climb trees. I've even had them bring me lizards they've found in the woods. (we love reptiles in this house)

All I'm asking is can we please put down the damn phones, look around, and realize where society is failing?

It has nothing to do with guns, nothing to do with music or video games; it has everything to do with parents being there for their kids and not worrying about popping them on their behind when they need it.

I do understand being a housewife isn't an option for everyone; I was a single mother once, too. BUT, do we really NEED a three thousand square foot home for three- four people to live in? Do we NEED the most expensive, best car out there? Do we NEED to take lavish vacations? NO!!!!

What we need to is raise kids who have respect, not just for others but for themselves. What we need is to teach our kids that life isn't always fair and your boss won't give you a trophy just because you showed up. What we need is to rethink what we list as our priorities. I, for one, would much rather leave behind well brought up kids, kids who know hard work is the only way to get anything, kids who know their mom valued being with them, raising them, and making sure they were happy and healthy over chasing the next promotion...that'll be my legacy. What will be yours?

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