Friday, August 7, 2015

My Virtual Vintage Dream Board

Since I have no desire to rush out and buy poster board, nor sit around cutting pics out of a magazine, what do you say we build a dream board. I guess I'm strange because there won't be some exotic foreign locations or brand new sports cars on my board.

Oh, how I love these dresses, skirts, and shirts! I can't be the only one who instantly feels confidant, sexy, and strong the second I slip this stuff on! Nothing else feels as natural to me as the vintage look!

 I might just have to do some DIY crafts over the winter! How cute are these glasses??!
 So kitschy, but I've always adored the midcentury poodle statues!
 I NEED a kidney shaped coffee table to go with my adorable vintage couch, chair, side tables, and lamp!
These would be so freaking cute hanging over my reading chair in the living room!

This was so fun! I think I might just do this more often! Definitely has my creative juices going! Just imagine how much of this I could make myself!


  1. LOVE those glasses with the starbursts on them. Thank you for sharing!
    - Nicole