Thursday, January 5, 2017

My Cleaning Schedule

As promised, I'm trying to blog more regularly. Hopefully, I can keep the momentum.

Now, while this schedule works for me, please remember we all have different needs, different families, different lives. If this schedule doesn't work for you, tweek it to your liking. Switch the rooms around. Alternate days. But, make sure you find a schedule.

Before I start, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my favorite tools for housework. (I am not paid for these endorsements. These are actual items in my personal arsenal and I'm willing to post pics to prove it. lol)

I love this duster! It bends so you can use it on your ceiling fans and you just pull the sleeve off and throw it in the washing machine. You can find it here.

I bought the pack of different colors so I could use them for different rooms. I use green in my kitchen, yellow in the bathrooms, and blue is for dusting and polishing all the other rooms. You can find them here.

I used to run a housekeeping company and have used so many different types of vacuums. This is the one I ended up buying years ago and I still love it. I only have carpeting in my bedroom, but I can use it on my hardwood floors to get up the dog hair and dust particles that a dry mop would miss. You can find this here.

Okay, as far as the cleaning detergents, I make my own. I'll post the recipe for it below, but you can always use what you have on hand or your favorite store bought brand.

All purpose Cleaner
-1/2 cup of white vinegar
-Several drops of lavender and pepperment essential oils. You can also use lemon and bergamot if you prefer a citrusty scent
-1 tbs Dawn dish detergent
-Spray bottle
-Enough water to fill the bottle
I use this formula to clean everything, including my mirrors and windows. Used with the microfiber cloths, it won't leave streaking. It smells lovely and cuts through grease and grime as well as any store bought detergent,

On to the schedule:

Monday - Bedroom
Change and wash sheets
Dust all furniture
Make sure all meds and jewelry is put away and no clutter is on the floor
Reorganize the bottom of your closet (where all our shoes get tossed after a long day)
Vacuum/sweep and mop floor

Tuesday - Kitchen
Move all items on counter to the side and deep clean counters
Wipe off top and sides of fridge
Clean out inside of fridge
Wipe down outside of cabinets
Sanitize trash can
Sweep and mop floor

Wednesday - Bathrooms
Scrub down tub and shower walls
Scrub inside of toilet with toilet brush
Sanitize outside of toilet, including the sides near the floor
Remove items from sink and deep clean surfaces
Polish mirrors
Dust any wall decor
Sweep and mop floor

Thursday - Living/Family Rooms
Fluff pillows and fold all blankets
Dust all furniture (use oils is real wood)
Whisk/vacuum under cushions
Clean under sofas (where all the discarded socks and missing pens seem to land)
Sweep/Vacuum and mop floor

Friday - Outside/Office/Misc
Office - Sweep front and back porches (this is where most of the dirt comes from)
Pick up any trash in the yard
Water plants and weed (seasonally)
Office - Clear clutter from desk
Dust desk
Sweep/Vacuum floor
I also use Fridays for groceries and errand running

Saturdays and Sundays I tend to rest a little, but I still keep up on the general messes and dish washing. Since we don't have a dish washer, all dishes are done by hand. On the weekends, I make the kids help with some of the housework, including meal dishes.

So, there's my schedule. I actually got the idea from Nicole over at The Retro Housewife Life. If you haven't already, make sure you check out her darling blog!

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